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When I was in the 4th grade, state budget cuts meant I couldn’t take the bus to school any more.

I had a neighbor, Denise, who ran a taxi service. We didn’t have a car back then, so Denise took me to school every day. It wasn't until years later, after she passed away, that I learned she never accepted a dollar. She just told my mom to take care of her neighbors, too.

My family’s story is just one example of how rural communities have been left behind. I don’t know if Denise was a Republican or a Democrat. But I know she cared about us. And too often, we send leaders to Des Moines who don’t. They play on our worst fears instead of appealing to our greatest hopes. And their politics rely on us being more divided than united.

Home is where we know we are safe. Home is where we know we are cared for. Where we know we are not forgotten. Denise and her kindness drove me to school that year, but the memory of that experience drives me now because families like mine shouldn’t ever have to depend upon the kindness of a neighbor to meet their basic needs.

We all have a part to play in reclaiming our home. We know what to do—stop the cuts and consolidation of our rural schools. Prioritize rural healthcare with 21st century solutions like telemedicine, access to mental health and addiction care, and put Medicaid back on the side of the people where it belongs. And we’ll save our main streets by investing in business succession plans, so our kids can see the opportunity we know exists here.

So much of what we love about this place has gone away—our jobs, people we know, and ultimately, our voice in government.

But we’re tough. We work hard. And we’re ready to rebuild—Because we are "The Homecomers."

I’m C.J. Petersen, and I’m running for the Iowa State Senate in District Six because our home is worth fighting for.


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